• Ouroboros Necklace


    This item is made to order and will ship in 1-2 weeks.

    PRODUCT INFO AND PROCESS: I cut this pendant cut from sheet copper, then etched it by hand using ferric chloride and different resists. After cleaning and finishing the original, I made a silicone mold so I can now offer this piece in sterling silver. After I clean the pieces, I then embed the snake shedding. (I do not injure any snakes, it's just the skin collected from their living area after they have shed.) 

    *This is NOT the exact necklace you will be receiving.  They will all have potentially large variations in the shedding, depending on which snake it is from. The snakes all live in a nature center where a friend of mine cares for them.*

    SIZE: The pendant measures about 1.25" across and hangs from a 16", 18", or 20" sterling silver chain with a lobster clasp. Model is wearing a 16" chain.

    CUSTOMIZATION: Would you like a custom necklace with your own pet snake or lizard's shedding? If so, please convo me and I will let you know where to ship it.

    ABOUT THE OUROBOROS: The Ouroboros (a snake or dragon swallowing its own tail) often represents something constantly re-creating itself, or things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end. A symbol of this type has been used in many cultures, including the Aztecs, Kundalini (yoga), the Freemasons, and west African religions.