• Real Honeybee Ring in Hand Carved Setting


    PRODUCT INFO AND PROCESS: I carved the original asymmetrical ring shape out of wax, with the wider side featuring a tiny little bee in relief. I then made a silicon mold to cast this beautiful setting in brass. To make the bee focal point, I collect the dried-out bees, then place them in molds and build up layers of epoxy resin around them. Near the end, I put in a layer of gold leaf, then set them in the sterling silver ring. It ends up having this lovely amber glow when the light hits it. Great gift for any beekeeper, gardener, queen bee, or nature-lover in your life. 

    SIZE: The bee cabochon measures about 1/2" across, and is about 1/4" high.

    CARE: Clean additional tarnish from your ring with any commercial jewelry cloth. If you wear it frequently, it will self-polish.